Architectural Haven


From the moment you drive into 8 Saunders Court Elphinstone you are aware that this once bare hilltop has been magically transformed into a hilltop haven that is, quite rightly, the pride and joy of a devoted gardener.

Every window takes in views of the beautiful natural landscape and, perhaps more importantly, provides meticulously sculptured views of the well established micro gardens, including a unique circular garden, with surrounding stretches of garden beds. Combined with the beauty of over three hundred youthful trees, this becomes a bewitching setting.

This hilltop is a place of changing light, wind and cloud formations. The best times are the warm autumn and spring days, where there is a beautiful stillness and there are numerous varieties of birds feeding on the flowering trees and shrubs around the garden.

On the land that surrounds this luxury, beautifully appointed home, there are delightful mini environments to savor. But invariably, all those who come to the property savor the glorious, sweeping landscape and the views towards Mt Macedon and Mt Alexander

The current owners will stay in central Victoria and will reside in nearby Castlemaine where they are very involved in the life of the community. They regret having to leave this house, but feel they have something special to hand to others who will be able to enjoy the benefits of what they have started, who will savor living on a unique hilltop in central Victoria.

1 Comment

  1. J.S.

    Attractive modern design with open views providing an airy and full-of-light positive atmosphere. Perfect studio for an artist, musician, hand worker (as in tapestry).

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